Stimulating starting entrepeneurs

The Columbus Trophy is the award, granted to a successful young entrepreneur who is active as supplier to the hospitality industry, or who has created an innovative hospitality concept. Opposed to the various hospitality innovation awards that are known throughout Europe, the Columbus Trophy does not focus solely on the product or service, but focuses on the entrepreneur behind it. Many young entrepreneurs have great drive and potential, but find it challenging to continue when they experience difficulties. The Columbus Trophy aims to support those entrepreneurs by stimulating them to take that extra step.

Admirror wins Columbus Trophy 2012

Admirror won the 9th edition of the Columbus Trophy. The publicity concept received the Trophy for hospitality suppliers and entrepreneurs during the opening day of the hospitality tradeshow “BBB” in MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The company, which offers “a unique way of advertising”, was one of the four finalists for the Columbus Trophy. The other finalists were EMPASO Europe, Flexotels and StarCuisine.

Admirror offers a large variety of advertising possibilities on their custom-built mirrors. Companies can choose from over 2.500 places to place their advertisement in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on a local, regional and national level. For more information about Admirror visit